cPanel Or Plesk Which Is Better?

cPanel Or Plesk Which Is Better?
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In the past most web hosting companies used a single control panel, such as cPanel or Plesk. While both are useful, they have their limitations.

If you need to manage more than just a few sites you may want to consider one of these. Each has its strengths and disadvantages. They are both very easy to use.

Both cPanel and Plesk are easy to install and use. There is not long involved installation required.

With cPanel, you simply access the control panel from the homepage, login and control all aspects of your server. Plesk on the other hand requires admin privileges to access it.

cPanel is easier to use because of its user friendly interface. There are less icons and commands, making cPanel more attractive to new users.

cPanel offers many more options that you won’t find in a traditional control panel.

You can install and remove software and perform multiple functions such as banning users.

In a traditional control panel there is limited functionality, waiting for a host to reboot. With cPanel, you don’t have to wait for any messages from the command line.

cPanel allows you to create new sites, edit them and assign them specific IP addresses. You can also ban users and create user limits.

With cPanel, you can configure email forwarding and MySQL databases.

One of the best advantages of cPanel is the added security.

With cPanel, you can install and use a wide variety of modules that provide basic security such as password logging and preventing hackers from accessing your files.

cPanel also has a built-in tool called Fantastico that helps with the installation of thousands of software packages. Some of these include WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, phpBB and others.

The versatility of cPanel makes it a very attractive option for those who want more out of their website.

However there are some differences between cPanel and Plesk. cPanel is more like the standard configuration interface used for controlling websites.

cPanel uses the Windows command line for commands and provides access to all Windows commands. Plesk uses the classic shell style control panel.

While cPanel offers more flexible options, such as a wide range of add-ons, Plesk remains simple and very basic. Both control panels have proven very useful and popular.

Which one is better?

That depends on your goals. If your site is static then cPanel would be ideal since it doesn’t require any software upgrades. cPanel offers the same features as Plesk plus it comes with various modules and plugins that will make expanding your site easy.

On the other hand Plesk is more flexible and allows you to install a wide range of software that will increase the functionality of your site.

I hope this article has given you some insight into this topic. If you would like to learn more about web hosting I highly recommend you check out my site listed below.

You can get a free list of the top websites that offer cPanel and Plesk. Good luck!

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