Do Rottweilers Growl When They’re Happy?

Do Rottweiler Growl When They're Happy?

What You Need to Know about Rottweilers

Many people love owning Rottweilers because they are incredibly devoted, affectionate, even-tempered creatures. These faithful creatures make excellent guard dogs due to their innate instinct of protecting those who need it most (their family).

However, when my Rottweiler starts showing aggressive behavior such as growling while I’m petting him, he usually means one thing: uncertainty or insecurity.

So why is he doing this? Maybe the quick answer will give us some insight – but let’s look into his problem further first!

Why does my Rottweiler growl at me? Many reasons can cause a Rottweiler to growl. While Rottweiler growling may appear aggressive, it’s simply a form of communication.

Their posture and general mood determine whether they’re just playing around or being truly threatening; so while this behavior may seem threatening at first glance, there are plenty of other circumstances where your pup would be displaying this behavior too.

Is It True That Rottweilers Growl When They’re Happy?

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