Nothing Ear Stick Review – Is this product worth buying?

Nothing Ear Stick Review - Is this product worth buying?


Nothing is back with yet another product this year the second for 2022 and it’s third overall. This time we’re going to be talking about the nothing year stick which the company has been hyping for a while but it is targeted at a slightly different demographic one that prefers that earbuds open earbuds style of design unlike the annual style that you got with the Nothing Ear (1).

But that’s not it there are a few other changes that are worth highlighting as well and I’ve used these for a week to form my opinion and give you guys a review of the same for some added perspective I’ve thrown in a comparison with the Nothing Ear (1) as well.


The design language of the Nothing Ear Stick’s case is in essence very similar to that of the Nothing Ear (1) one you get this transparent exterior plastic housing through which you can spot the earbuds themselves.

Nothing Ear Stick Design

This also means that you have to deal with the same problems as well now with the Nothing Ear (1) case a lot of people have reported an initial review also clearly mentioned that the plastic scratches easily that happens on the Nothing ear stick’s case as well and if you don’t handle it carefully the case can crack.

The chances of the heuristics case cracking are much higher considering it has a cylindrical shape and the cylindrical shape has the propensity to fall off.

Now the Ear (1) boxy case is more traditional when it comes to truly wireless earbuds you just flip open the lid to access the buds. Now the ear sticks cylindrical lipstick case leads you to rotate it around the axis for you to access the buds themselves.

Now while it is a very fun mechanic to do this you cannot avoid the fact that dust and grime do enter it very easily and then removing that becomes a pain. Now it’s not like the Ear (1) case didn’t attract dust and grime but you could at least clean it very easily and you could reach every nook and cranny which is of course not gonna be easy on the ear stick and therefore the ear sticks needs a black variant soon.

Apart from that you’ve got the USB type-c port at the bottom the circuitry for which I’m presuming is inside this red plastic piece that has a very modern design right next to it is that metal pairing button that is inside this metal cylindrical enclosure as well.

The design of most including the Phone 1 the ear stick and the Ear (1) are all very high fashion and high Pista piecing in nature and I’m sure that most folks who love and appreciate good fashion will love this as well. By the way, the buds are held together by very strong magnets inside the case and they do not fall off very easily.

Now talking about the budget design of the ear stick it’s very similar to that of the Nothing Ear (1) the only difference is that you do not get an in-ear style of design and the heuristics earbuds have a matte exterior unlike the glossy one on the Ear (1) which makes it easier to wear for long listening sessions without causing a lot of discomforts.

My ears are not suited for earbuds style now this is the time I must raise this very pertinent point my ears are not suited for the earbuds style design. I find them very uncomfortable to wear and they gently don’t fit me too well either, and most of the time I’m worried that these will fall out of my ears.

This will be very comfortable for long listening sessions also the buds come with IP52 ratings so they’re sweatproof for when you’re working out. Honestly, if you ask me I do like the design of the ear sticks case it’s a very personal opinion and I think that this will be a great conversation starter at parties.

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But I do have a very strong feeling that women are going to vibe harder with this whole lipstick design aesthetic that the ear stick has going for itself.


Now that you’ve spoken about the design the best new addition or feature edition to the Nothing Ear Stick is the support for Google’s fast-paced solution and Microsoft Swift pay solution as well both of which are open standards.

But I am still disappointed that you do not get any multi-point connectivity support which means that you cannot connect to two devices at the same time. I did test out the load latency mode and it definitely reduces the latency but not so much that you would want to chuck out your wired earphones for that zero latency supremacy.

Nothing Ear Stick Features

Now the other change is that all the settings that you need to access for the Nothing Ear (1) have moved to the nothing phone one’s Bluetooth page and the app support for iOS and Android devices is now on an app called Nothing X which is an updated version of the Nothing Ear (1) app and that was necessary considering the portfolio is now growing and I do still like the design language a lot with that whole dot matrix theme that Nothing has going for itself.

Using the app you can map the controls, trigger the low latency mode, toggle the in-ear detection on or off, use find my earbuds and adjust the equalizer setting including an option for custom EQ now.

Another major change to the ear stick from Ear (1) is that the gesture controls have now made way for pinch controls. Single pinch pauses the music, double press skips forward, triple press skips back, press and hold increases or decreases the volume and you can also tune double press and hold for any command like triggering a voice assistant.

And of course, you can change all of these commands from the app settings I do like this whole pinching system better than the gesture system primarily because you get that accurate feedback with that voice indication that you have on the Nothing Ear Stick which is very similar to what you get with the AirPods pro.

That said sliding up and down the stem to increase or decrease the volume which is available on the Nothing Ear (1) is better and that should have stayed there’s also in-ear detection available on the Nothing Ear Stick which lets you automatically play or pause music when you have them in your ear or take them off and it has been tuned very well.

Overall the controls app settings and features all of that are great on the Nothing Ear Stick but I genuinely feel that multi-point know connectivity would have made it much better.

The Nothing Ear Stick has a couple of 12.6-millimeter drivers inside each housing and those are custom drivers upgraded from the 11.6-millimeter driver units in side the Nothing Ear (1) and there’s a base lock feature that works in conjunction with the in-air detection to ensure that the base doesn’t bleed if you do not get the right fit.


Now before I talk about the sound signature there are two problems that you must know of:

  • There is bound to be a lot of sound leakages especially at very high volumes
  •  You will not get any sort of isolation whether it’s passive isolation or active noise cancellation

None of that is going to be possible and that is not a problem, particularly with the Ear Stick itself but it’s a problem by design because the open earbuds style cannot offer great isolation by default.

Sound Quality

So coming to the sound signature I was pleasantly surprised it’s a very balanced tuning with the right amount of extension in the treble to give you a little more detail than what you would have expected and the right amount of attack in the mid base section as well I found the ear Stickman Musical and engaging than the Ear (1) themselves.

The fairly tight mid-based land that you can get in Beyonce’s latest Banger break my soul makes the mix sound far more engaging than it otherwise would have and the Imaging sounds very good the instrument separation specifically is very well done and that’s something that you don’t find in many earphones in this price range.

And considering the open earbud-style design I expected it to sound wide and airy but that’s not the case with the Nothing Ear Stick. It would have been better if the audio engineers could have sort of made the sound state sound slightly wider and in that process, they would have appeased the audio files as well.

So the custom EQ setting that Nothing has added just gives you the option to adjust the base the mids and the treble but I think it’s trying to appeal to the masses out here to make it easier for them to sort of change that according to what their preference would be but more professional users would have preferred granular controls with multiple stops available at their disposal.

Also what I noticed when I was custom EQ is that if you push the bass and the treble even two stops higher than General then you will notice that there is a lot of distortion that happens above 80 percent volume now that you should listen to music at about 80% volume because these can get loud but then again that’s a problem that I wanted to highlight.

All said and done in its default tuning with the balanced mode the Ear stick sounds better than the Ear (1) and it is a step in the right direction in my opinion if you’re wondering if it sounds better than the AirPods 3 oh hell yeah it sounds better than the AirPods 3.

By the way, after using the year stick I genuinely feel that there is a space for a nothing Ear (1) Pro or Ear (2) Pro whatever nothing sort of releases next make that happen nothing. So like Ear (1) the ear stick also has three mics for HD voice calling and something called clear voice technology which is an enhanced version of environmental noise cancellation the algorithms have been further improved for better sound quality.

Having said that I wanted to test them side by side with something else so I got the Oppo Enco X2 and I must say that Nothing Ear Stick’s mike’s quality is much better and sounds far less muffled compared to the Enco X2.


Now since there is no ANC you can expect about 6 hours and 30 minutes of listening time on a single charge which is very good which is of course 30 minutes lower than what the manufacturer claims at seven hours but 6 hours 30 minutes is pretty good too, and you get 29 hours of charge with the case itself which means that you get at least four charge cycles for the Nothing Ear Stick.

Nothing Ear Stick Sound Quality

Plus you’ve got support for fast charging but you do not get support for wireless charging that is something that you have to keep in mind which is available on the Nothing Ear 1 if that matters to you. But I have to mention one thing about Truly wireless earbuds and something that you should note and that is the fact that battery lives are truly wireless earbuds degrade very fast which means that in a year or two you will not see the same kind of battery efficiency so if you’re getting about six, six and a half hours of listening time from the Nothing Ear Stick.

Now one or two years down the line it will not be that much that’s true for every single earbud out there though.


So overall the heuristic is a nice addition to Nothing’s portfolio I think it does differentiate itself from the Nothing Ear (1) part it is priced on the higher side.

Considering the AirPods is one of the best-selling truly wireless earbuds in the world I feel there is a big market for this as well alright so it’s a lot of context setting I hope you guys got what I’m trying to say do you like the Nothing Ear Stick or not I would love to hear your opinion detailed ones too if you do let me know in the comment section below if you don’t let me know in the comment section below.

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