OnePlus Nord Watch: A new addition to the OnePlus family

OnePlus Nord Watch: A new addition to the OnePlus family


The OnePlus Nord Watch it’s a pretty basic watch sure it’s from OnePlus but from the non-premium category or rather the more affordable category which is the OnePlus Nord and hence the budget pricing of 5000 rupees.

But is it worth 5000 rupees? you’ll decide that after reading this article.

Build and Design

From a distance, it’ll look like an Apple Watch with a very similar form factor square shape rounded edges, and a button that looks like a crown but then as you get closer it looks more like itself it does have a metallic frame which is surely more durable than plastic.

OnePlus Nord Watch Design

But then it has a glossy finish and as you use it it might collect some scuffing and it may lose that shine but then at this price point it’s completely normal and something you do have to live with.

There’s a clicky button that you can use as a back gesture it does look like a ground that can be turned but it doesn’t have any functionality like scrolling there are other watches in this price segment that do that though.

The strap that you get in the box is very average it does feel a bit plasticky to me and if I were you I would order some additional straps because these are like standard 20mm detachable straps also I’ve got the midnight black here but there’s also a deep blue which is quite different and you could go for that.

Now the design is IP68 water and dust resistance so sand general dirt, sweaty exercise, rainfall, and swimming, will stay protected but do note that water damage is not covered under warranty.

I don’t want to comment on the OnePlus Nord Watch fit, really because that would just vary so much it will depend on your wrist size, general temperature, humidity around you, and how tight you wear the watch but if I had to say it’s okay it’s not the best out there but it surely is lightweight.

OnePlus Nord Watch Charging Port

The charging port is there and this is the cable that you’re supplied with just connect to any USB port slap it on behind and it takes about an hour or two to fully charge and we’ll talk more about the battery life towards the end.

OnePlus Nord Watch Display

Now coming to the OnePlus Nord Watch display it’s probably the second best feature of this watch after battery the display is AMOLED super bright and colorful and it has a very good touch response. The display is also very sharp text or any kind of content looks very crisp.

OnePlus Nord Watch Display

OnePlus Nord Watch is 60 Hz so it’s smooth for sure response to touch is also very good I don’t feel any lag or any kind of slow down while I’m using it which is how it should be and so display wise It’s quite good.

Connectivity & Compatibility

Now let’s quickly touch upon the connectivity and compatibility it connects to iPhones and Android phones using the N Health app and connecting is very seamless it barely takes like less than a minute but there are two very big misses in this watch.

  • First, there’s no Bluetooth calling, you do get the notification that you have an incoming call but you cannot answer and have a conversation through the watch.
  •  Second, there’s no inbuilt GPS tracking, so tracking your runs your walks or your cycling will depend on the GPS of the connected smartphone.

And in this price segment, there are quite a few other smartwatches that offer all of these things built in.

Also check other wearables here.

Monitoring and Tracking

Let’s talk about tracking or rather monitoring capabilities of the OnePlus Nord Watch so it can monitor heart rate, stress levels, oxygen levels, and even sleep.

The heart rate monitor and spo2 levels are about as good as on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro which is nearly 10 times more expensive than the OnePlus Nord Watch.

Disclaimer: None of these watches are or should be used for medical purposes the data is at best indicative.

Even the overall sleep tracking data is very close on both the watches you can see that on both nights the total hours of sleep track are nearly identical, but then the advanced metrics such as deep or light sleep or even REM duration are not as accurately tracked on the OnePlus Nord Watch.


Now let’s come to the software and overall user experience of OnePlus Nord Watch. So it’s running on RTOS or real-time OS which can run very limited apps that it comes installed with and offers very limited functionality but that’s also what makes it very lightweight and you get very lag-free and smooth performance.

But do note this is very unlike Google wear OS where you get a very rich app ecosystem and you can install or uninstall apps at will you can’t do that on these watches. Most apps are either held and workout tracking apps or minor utility apps like calendars, alarms, stopwatches, timers, weather, and calculator.

OnePlus Nord Watch Software

You get about 100 watch faces on OnePlus Nord Watch and you can’t install more unless OnePlus issues them through a software update also you cannot customize them in terms of the information they show or the colors they have. The watch face can be changed either from the smartphone or by long pressing the dial on the smartwatch.

You can control frequent watch settings if you swipe from the top all of these are customizable as in you can decide their order and whether they should show up or not all notifications can be read if you swipe from the bottom up and you can only view them not reply to them and then some widgets on the side monitor heart rate, stress levels, spo2 and sleep.

Again, what widgets show up here are not customizable.

Tapping the button will quickly show your app library and if you don’t like this view you can change the way it is listed from under settings. The watch can auto-detect walking and running by itself and start tracking but other 105 exercises would need to be manually tracked.

There are some basic functionalities like race to wake to find your phone theater mode so those are quite handy and so as far as the software goes that’s pretty much about it but let me touch upon the N Health app as well.

N Health Companion App

So all the tracked data gets stored in this app you can go and look at your step and calorie counts in the past from here if you go into sleep tracking you’ll be able to glance at your sleep average over a week a month and even a year and the same holds for steps calories heart rate and so on.

N Health Companion App OnePlus Nord Watch

For your information, there is no AI assistant in OnePlus Nord Watch where you can just throw voice commands and set up timers or create reminders. Can’t be expected at this price point.

Battery Performance

Now I just want to quickly touch upon the battery life which I think is easily the best feature of this watch with all notifications turned on I could go on for about 9 days without charging this even once and I think that’s a very easy battery life to work with because for about a week 10 days you don’t have to put it to charge at all.

If you don’t use it at all like just on standby you can get up to 30 days as per the company’s claim which I think is again simply brilliant.


So overall it’s a very average watch there’s a certain comfort of quality and standard when you see a watch from OnePlus so that helps, the UI is smooth, and using it feels very snappy.

But in terms of features it’s lacking in a few things as compared to other watches in this price segment as pointed out in the article but if you’re already in the OnePlus ecosystem and you rely on the OnePlus standard and you don’t care about Bluetooth calling or GPS tracking then definitely this is a safe watch to go with.

Alright, that’s pretty much it guys about the OnePlus Nord Watch if you guys have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section!

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