Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine: The Future of Technology?

Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine


The humble washing machine is yet another appliance in our homes that makes one basic task easier and in this case, it’s the task of washing clothes. But what if this machine was given the power of artificial intelligence and Technology?

Let me tell you why the Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine is one of the most tech-loaded washing machines out there?


The first thing that caught my attention when we unboxed the machine for the first time was the futuristic and minimal design this shade of color is called Inox it’s a darkish gray sort of color and it’s one of my favorite colors out there.

Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine

The top panel has this nice and attractive control knob with a brushed metal finish and when you cycle through it to select the right wash cycle for you it gives you very nice tactile feedback as well.

Additionally, there is a couple of touch-sensitive buttons on either side of this control knob which is for powering on the machine and of course the cycle start process as well.

Right next to it is a nice and bright display it is one of the crispiest and most legible displays that I have seen on a washing machine yet.

Below the display, you get touch-sensitive buttons that let you change the temperature of the water, set the wash time, and even change the RPM of the spin cycle as well.

Honestly, the entire button layout is fun intuitive, and very easy to learn and use.

Samsung Ecobubble Technology

Now while the design is of course great it is the impressive Ecobubble washing technology that stands out.

Essentially Samsung turns a detergent that you feed into the washing machine into bubbles and that makes it easier to penetrate into the fabric easily and sort of take and remove the dirt out.

Samsung Ecobubble Technology

This helps in efficient cleaning even with low-temperature water and maintains the color and texture of your fabric as well. I noticed that Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine was better at maintaining the texture and color of my fabric compared to my current washing machine even when I use this same front-loading detergent on both these machines.

Samsung Digital Inverter Technology

By the way, the digital inverter technology used by Samsung for its washing machines has stronger magnets. It offers powerful performance and consumes far less energy too.

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Super Speed Feature

There are a lot of additional cleaning modes that I want to talk about and I particularly like the super speed cleaning mode that can clean your entire load in just 59 minutes.

Super Speed Feature

Essentially how it works is Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine does the powerful cleaning the rinsing time is reduced by the speed spray technology and the spin speed is also increased so that it can dry clothes faster as well.

Delay End Feature

Then there’s a delay end option which lets you choose the time for when you want the watch cycle to finish at a later time.

Basically it’s very useful if you’re running an errand and out of the house and if you want the washing cycle to end later once you are back home.

Hygiene Steam Wash

Plus you can also do a hygiene steam wash in Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine which removes 99.9% of the bacteria and allergens too and if you are a parent this washing machine is going to be very useful for you.

Hygiene Steam Wash

You do get the child lock option and you also get a special baby care wash mode Which is far more gentle on your kid’s clothes.

Artificial Intelligence in Washing Machine

The artificial intelligent chops of this washing machine. The AI built into the machine actually learns your washing patterns and suggests the cycles accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence in Washing Machine

It takes about 20 to 30 cycles for it to calibrate itself and provide an AI-enabled washing cycle for you.

Samsung SmartThings App

The Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine also has support for built-in Wi-Fi using which you can connect your SmartThings app on your Android or iOS device as well.

Samsung SmartThings App

Once you’ve set up the SmartThings app on your phone you can do it to control almost every single setting on your washing machine.

You can set the wash cycle, you can set the rinse speed, can set the temperature of the water almost everything from the convenience of the app anywhere in your house.

Laundry Recipe Feature

But the standard feature has to be the laundry recipe feature. Let me explain, so whenever I am tasked with the job of washing clothes at home half the time I’m trying to figure out which wash mode should I use? and which wash cycle should I prefer.

Laundry Recipe Feature

But with the laundry recipe feature even I’m washing noob like myself can get it done with consumed ease. So what you need to do is from the fabric recipe option you need to select the type of clothes that you are going to wash it could be t-shirts, jeans whatever it is.

After that, you pick the colors whether it’s mixed colors black white, and then how much it is soiled or the level of spoilage, once you’ve done that it automatically selects the best cycle for you.

Press play and voila washing is done as simple as that!


So the Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine is a well-engineered washing machine that is enhanced with the help of artificial intelligence smarts.

I’m trying to convert my house into a house with smart appliances and smart technology and this one would fit right in. It doesn’t hurt that this Samsung washing machine looks good and Samsung also offers you 10 years of warranty on the motor itself.

What do you think of this tech loaded washing machine let me know in the comment section below.

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