Samsung Galaxy S23: Price, Features, Specifications, Review, and How to Buy Online

Samsung Galaxy S23: Price, Features, Specifications, Review, and How to Buy Online

So the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is most likely going to be launched towards the end of February next year and I’ve put together some incredible leaks for you.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Design

Let’s start with the design, first of all there are no major design changes at least not in the S23 ultra which at a glance is going to look a lot like the S22 ultra but having said that the base S23 and the S23 plus are going to have some design changes.

Both will look a lot more like the S23 ultra with the camera housing removed and each camera lens to be its independent island.

Samsung Galaxy S23

Also, the S23 and the S23 plus are going to be slightly taller than their predecessors by about one-third of a millimeter and if I’m being honest I’m not too happy about that because the base S22 was the perfect size it fits so well in hand and one hand use was absolute bliss.

There’s been quite a bit of discussion around the bezels on all three phones so it seems like the S23 the base variant is going to get thicker bezels while the S23 plus is going to have Slimmer bezels. But obviously, the S23 ultra is going to have the slimmest bezels because it’s still going to be a curved display after all.

Samsung Galaxy S23+

Although rumors are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra will have a relatively flatter design this time and let’s hope that’s true.

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Also, it’s rumored that the S23 ultra lenses at the back are going to be slightly elevated and that’s going to protect the glass that covers the lenses to be protected from micro scratches that do tend to deteriorate photo quality over a longer period and use.

As far as design is concerned it seems like the S23 ultra is going to have a slightly improved audio system. Now it’s possible it could happen for the S23 and the S23 plus as well what they’re going to do is add another microphone placed symmetrically around the type C charging port.

So you know if you’re a content creator and you do rely on inbuilt microphone systems you’re going to be benefiting out of that.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Performance & Battery

It’s expected that the S23 lineup is going to come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and that Samsung is going to completely ditch the Exynos series from even making it into the S23 lineup.

Of course, it’s still a rumor but the Exynos lineup has been sort of considered like a disease for Galaxy smartphones in parts of Europe and Asia so if Samsung ditched the Exynos series and only use Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 all across the globe customers are going to be generally very happy.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is going to come with a whole slew of improvements but the most noticeable ones are going to be Improvements in everyday performance, Improvements in GPU or gaming performance, and an increase in battery efficiency.

Let’s pick up everyday performance first so here’s a quick leaked snapshot of geekbench scores from the base Galaxy S23 if you see it’s pretty close to the iPhone 14 and that’s very good news.

Samsung Galaxy S23

Of course, the iPhone 14 pro is higher given the A16 chip is newer but chances are that the S23 ultra which is not on this list is going to have comparable performance given it’s a bigger device so it’s going to have better heat management and be able to produce better geekbench scores.

In terms of GPU performance, it is expected that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will outperform the A16 Bionic Chip that you see in the iPhone 14 pro and the pro-Max but how Samsung leverages the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2? how do they manage heat? thermal throttling? all of that is also going to play a key role in determining that

Let’s also touch upon the battery efficiency because I do feel it’s very closely connected to Performance now there were a lot of complaints over the Internet with regards to the battery performance of the S22 series but with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is destined to deliver better battery efficiency.

The good news is that they are increasing the battery capacities on the S23 and the S23 plus by about 200 mAh while the S23 ultra is probably going to remain at 5000 mAh just like the S22 ultra but hopefully it would benefit from more optimization Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and of course the LTPO display.

It also looks like they’re going to introduce a light mode you’ll be able to further improve the already optimized performance of this chip in the Samsung Galaxy S23 phones and get an even better battery efficiency.

Some other benefits may trickle into the Samsung Galaxy S23 series as a consequence of using the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 like a faster and more capable Wi-Fi 7 and support for faster RAM as well as faster storage but whether the S23 series is going to leverage all of that that remains to be discovered but as of now no but if they did that would be cool.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera

The most important upgrade is not in the base S23 variant or the S23 plus it’s going to be in the Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra which is most likely to get a brand new 200 MP sensor and that is the biggest highlight.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra will ship with its default setting to either 12 or 12.5 megapixels but will also offer a 50 MP mode which seems to be currently under development and that anyway is a software tweak and just a matter of time.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera

There are going to be a lot of launches even in the upper mid-range segment that would offer 200 MP but here’s the thing – companies like Samsung and Google spend a lot of time doing R & D and coming up with image processing algorithms that use these sensors to deliver high-quality photos and videos and usually levels ahead of the other companies.

Even if I just compare the photos that I used to take with Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra when it was running One UI 4.1 and now when I take them when it’s running One UI 5 the official version there’s quite a bit of difference in image quality and video quality so with these software upgrades they do a good job at optimizing these sensors and delivering great photography and videography experiences.

Other than this 200 MP story for the Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra there are three other improvements that you can expect across the entire S23 series:

  1. Stabilization of videos
  2. Better telephoto lens performance
  3. Better low light photos

Let me focus a bit on video stabilization, see when Apple launched their iPhone 14 series they introduced something called an action cam, and what that does is that when you’re shooting and if your recording is shaky it sort of produces or the result is a pretty stable video and it does that in 2.8k resolution.

Now Samsung about two to three years back came up with something called a steady shot and that did pretty much the same thing but it’s been like that for two to three years and it does that in 1080P quality that too with some distortion and so that is one area where I think Samsung needs to improve for the S23 series.

All you know they might just do it for the Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra and call it Ultra stabilization or something but yeah that we can expect as far as the telephoto lenses go I don’t think there’s anything different about the hardware.

But with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip you’re gonna have better processing capabilities better neural capabilities which means better AI and with software optimization, Samsung should be able to improve the telephoto lens performance.

Final Thoughts

That’s pretty much what I know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S23 series there’s no information about the pricing or the bundles because it’s a bit too early for that and any speculation right now is going to be big speculation.

My point of view on this is don’t get the S22 ultra just yet wait for the S23 series it’s going to be a more recent launch it’s going to have more optimized performance, better battery life, and you’re also going to get that one-year extra software update that you won’t get with the Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra so you’re so close to that launch.

So if you could wait out the next two and a half three months I suggest you do that!

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