What Is Cloud Hosting? An Easy Guide

What Is Cloud Hosting? An Easy Guide
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What is Cloud Hosting?

Well, this is the concept of a hosting service provided over the Internet that does not have the costs involved with traditional dedicated hosting.

It is like “all in one” web hosting wherein you get your own website hosted on multiple servers managed by one service provider.

Cloud hosting is a technology which uses multiple virtualization techniques to make use of shared resources on the Internet.

The single most important feature is its ability to provide guaranteed hardware allocation along with dynamic optimization for scaling server resources and improving the scalability and efficiency of services.

In short, it is an approach that makes full use of multiple virtual servers for efficiently distributing resources on the same physical server.

Cloud hosting is also known as “private cloud” or “infrastructure-as-a -service” (IaaS).

The technology of what is cloud hosting is relatively new, having been around for about three years.

As such, most large enterprises are not making use of it yet, for fear that it will replace them rather than deliver more value and end up being cheaper and more efficient.

But in all fairness to cloud computing, it has already delivered many benefits to enterprise users.

With what is cloud hosting, a company gets what is called a “virtual private cloud”, that is a hosted website, which is virtually separated into several virtual servers on the Internet.

All the resources such as CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth that would be used on one single physical server are divided across multiple virtual servers on the Internet, making usage of resources more efficient.

Cloud hosting is considered a highly scalable option for web hosting, with the need to invest in less hardware being the main consideration.

When you have what is cloud hosting, you do not need to buy and manage any server hardware yourself, as all the needed resources are provided by a service provider on the Internet.

In the case of what is cloud hosting, the provider takes care of all the server hardware, which saves a lot of money for the client.

With what is cloud hosting, there is no need to buy or install any specific software, which also saves time and money.

What is cloud hosting is a concept that can be used across multiple devices – desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and more.

It also provides all the features that a single server would, such as admin (user) access, dedicated IP addresses, system tools and more.

What is cloud hosting is a great way to leverage the power of multiple servers while saving money and resources on a single server?

With what is cloud hosting, your website is hosted not on a single server, but across multiple servers that is located on the Internet, which is then accessed via the Internet.

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